Saturday, April 16, 2016

Misc Saturday

Great day - Great weather - spent the last couple days working on the backyard.

Tonight we listen to the sounds of the race track. Anyone looking to buy a house in Delmar should ride around the town on "race Night", no doubt they will change their minds and buy elsewhere.

Delmar had a little league parade this morning.  Here are a couple of photos
 Of course the teams wouldn't be without the support of the companies that sponsor the teams to the little league adults who organized it to the town employees who block off the streets and lead and trail the parade with a police vehicle.
 as usual click on the photo for a larger version

There is a carnival coming.

Back in the 1950s we use to pick this show up from Baltimore

Dialing For Dollars with Stu Kerr and Susan White, there was also a Bowling for Dollars.  Stu Kerr was just a likeable person. You use to see him often in Ocean City.  I understand he died in 1994.

and of course I have to mention Marty Bass and his toupee, and his co-newsman Don Scott who spent 40 years with WJZ

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Cleanup In Delmar Delaware and A Spaghetti Dinner

The Town of Delmar is having their Spring cleanup this week and next week.  Select items can be thrown out to the curb and Delmar public Works will pick them up.  For more detail go here;

The Delmar Delaware side of town pickup days are; Wednesday and Thursday April 20 and 21st.  You must call the town and schedule the pickup.  302-846-2664 or 410-896-2777.