Saturday, September 03, 2016

Despondent Losers

On September 2nd 1945, the official surrender papers were sign on the USS Missouri ending the war with Japan.  The streets were full of despondent Japanese who could not believe they had lost. 

I think this scene will be repeated in the United States in November when Hillary Clinton supporters will crowd the street in grief when Trump wins the election.

The Treaty of Paris, No Not the Restaurant

Representatives of King George III of Britain and representatives of the United States of America are signing the Treaty of Paris on September 3rd, 1783, ending the American Revolutionary War

The Break Is Over With

On October 3rd (7am to 7 PM) the town of Delmar Delaware will hold an election (hopefully) for a mayor (two year term) and two council members (four year term).  You have until 4:30 PM Tuesday September 6th to file.  It is your turn to step up to the plate and do your civic duty.  The town website doesn't appear to be working so you won't be able to download the form to run for office, but town hall will have the form you will need to fill out and file.

New Delmar Flags or banners have been put up on the light post, yes they look good

Yes it is this time of year again, look for voting boxes at the post office and elsewhere