Saturday, November 05, 2016

Frost this morning

Oh My God Frost this morning - what happen to climate change

Election Time

Ship Launch Buttons

Although I have a great interest in history I really do not collect items, other than books, guns and cats.  Certainly if you have cats in the house they will destroy most things left out.

So when it comes to souvenir pins and buttons I am always surprised at the range of items out there.  One item I have recently been made aware of is Ship Launch Pins/Buttons. 

It would appear when a ship was launched at the launching ceremony Pins were given out as souvenirs or they may have been used as a form of a ticket to watch the ceremony.
Most of those I have seen are from the World war 2 era.  They are about 1 1/2 inches.

In that era it was not unusual to launch one or two ships at a time

Thursday, November 03, 2016


From The Norfolk Southern Tumblr Page

It’s #TBT Throwback Thursday and #NationalSandwichDay! In May 1943, women workers enjoyed their lunch break in the women’s locker room at the yards of the #Pennsylvania #Railroad. Left to right: Bertha Carlotta, twenty-nine, a machinist testing axles; Anna Plecenik, twenty-four, a machinist’s helper, working a drill press; Mary Stefanski, thirty-seven, a blacksmith’s helper; Cecelia Wadkowski, thirty-five, a machinist operating a turret lathe; and Susan Topolosky, thirty-two, a machinist’s helper operating a radial dial press.
Photographer Marjory Collins snapped this photograph in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania (from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Collection, Library of Congress).

The Great American Tea Company

In the 1950s my mother worked for the Great American Tea Company out of Salisbury Maryland. It was a part of the A & P Company but did door to door sales. When A & P started (in the 1800s) it was mainly a mail order and door to door sales, As it got larger and had stores it kept it door to door sales operation, My mother would drive the Willys panel truck around on her route going house to house selling coffee, tea and an assortment of grocery items. This was in the time when housewives stayed home to raise the kids so there was usually someone home to sell to and a great array of salesmen were out there with fish, meat, produce, clothing, books, magazines, etc etc . The Great American tea company sort of ceased business about 1963 along with many other door to door companies. It is still referenced mainly in obituaries where it mentions so and so worked as a salesperson for the Great American tea company.

a typical want ad by the company
above a 1930s sales vehicle

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Delmar Accountant Job Hunter

Job description

Crystal Steel Fabricators, Inc. has an opening for an Accounting Specilaist in our Delmar, Delaware facility. Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Plan for projects, and carry out financial data analysis and forecasting
  • Observe financial activities of projects, and generate various reports, monthly and periodically
  • Evaluate transactions to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions of projects
  • Assist the Controller with accounting and administrative duties as may be requested
  • Responsible for assisting with various accounting functions including accounts receivable and payable 

  • 4-year degree in Accounting or related field
  • 1+ years’ experience or internship in accounting preferred
  • Possession of advanced knowledge of computers and application software, including Excel in creating financial reports
  • Knowledge of various office procedures, and the ability to operate office equipment
  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills, in addition to sound organizational skills
  • Proficient in planning and organizing tasks, managing priorities, and utilizing available resources to completing tasks within the deadline
  • Possession of exceptional interpersonal skills needed to effectively interact with different groups of people


Construction and Architecture & Planning

Employment type




Construction · 201-500 employees · Founded 1992 · Privately Held


Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had 133 trick or treaters tonight from 6 to 8pm.  The police did a good job of cruising around letting everyone know they were there.  The only rowdy group was three or four teenagers on bicycles bothering some of the trick or treaters.


The Military Exchange at the State Line Plaza Delmar are selling Deplorable Tee shirts.

Watching The Game


Halloween in the New Born Ward

The Saturday Night Special

In 1959 these gun ads were in all the magazines and newspapers.  They shot a 22 short and looked like a toy gun but were effective for what they were.  Most were made in Germany by Rohm Gesellschaft.  I think I bought a couple of them.  They were very popular among chicken plant workers and used ones could be picked up for 4 or 5 dollars. The 1968 gun control act stopped the import of these guns, by setting up a requirement that they be for sporting purposes..  Rohm however opened a factory in Florida and continued making them. 

Maryland Public Archives Research Room To Temp. Close Nov 21

Pardon our dust! Beginning November 21st, the Search Room will close as part of maintenance repairs to the building, with reopening tentatively scheduled for early January. Consequently, during that period, Maryland State Archives’ staff will offer limited in-person service Tuesdays through Fridays in our lobby only. Guests requiring documents for legal or emergency purposes will be prioritized for the duration of the repair period. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee ...staff availability to assist with genealogical or scholarly research during this time and we strongly advise that you delay your visit until after the repair period.
Though we will be able to provide limited walk-in services from November 21, 2016 - January 6, 2017, the Archives will be closed to all visitors from January 9 - January 13, 2017 as final repairs are completed. This schedule is subject to change, and we will do our best to notify the public of any adjustments to the schedule, or limitations to the services we are able to provide, as soon as possible.
As always, our staff will fulfill orders by email at, by phone at 410-260-6487, by fax at 410-974-2525, and by mail to 350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, MD. Please note that maintenance in the stacks and in the Search Room may impact access to records, and potentially increase our turnaround times.
Thank you for your patience during this time as we work to enhance the customer experience for the future and maintain the best environment for Maryland's priceless permanent records.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Delmar Express

1940s The Delmar Express with D. J. Truitt conductor
From the Delaware public archives.

Get Out And Vote

Well November 8th we go and vote again.  This election has been interesting just from the negativity of it and we have another nine days to go.  My "vote for Trump" sign is missing from my yard, assumed stolen by some low life Hillary supporter.  Anyone who is old enough to remember the Clintons in the white house before, know they are trash and just no way would I return them to the White house.

But I live in a state that is mostly Democrats in the upper two thirds of it.  Sometimes Sussex county does go Republican but it doesn't matter as the northern part of Delaware carries the state.  And in truth it doesn't matter which way Delaware goes as it's three electoral votes isn't going to swing anything.  Delaware is right up there with; Alaska, D.C., Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.  Combine all eight states and you still have less electoral votes then Florida.  But at least Trump made a visit to Delaware.  I don't count the one Hillary did of slipping across the state line from Philadelphia and delivering her speech. 

The other remarkable thing about this election is regardless how much the candidates screw up their supporters are sticking by them. 

Regardless come November 8th get out and vote.

Black Walnuts

My Black walnuts tree has dropped it's load of walnuts.  Not nearly as many as two years ago when I had about 2,000 dropping.  This year it was about 800.  I keep try to predict the winter weather from the number of nuts but have found it is not very accurate.

Eddie Huntington Passed Away

My cousin Eddie passed away last Sunday at his home in Seaford.
Edward Franklin Huntington, 67 of Delaware, passed away Sunday, October 23, 2016 at his home. He was born December 20, 1948, in Salisbury, Maryland, the son of Theodore Franklin Huntington and Sarah Lena “Bayley” Huntington. Edward was a very well-known and highly sought after Auto Body Mechanic and was the oldest of 7 children. He was an animal lover and honorably served in the United States Army.
He is preceded in death by the love of his life, Gloria Diane Huntington and his father Theodore.
Survivors include four daughters, Regina Huntington Cochell and husband James, Jamie Huntington Hargrove, Debbie Huntington Parker and husband Robert, Edwina Huntington Bartmier and husband Robert; and five grandchildren, Ashley, Delana, Dylan, Mathew, and Riley.
A visitation will be held from 6 to 8 PM Thursday, October 27, 2016, at The Gabriels Funeral Chapel, 393 N. IH35, Georgetown, Texas 78628.
A graveside service will follow 3:00PM, Friday, October 28, 2016, at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Georgetown with a visitation from 6 to 8 PM Thursday, October 27, 2016 at The Gabriels Funeral Chapel, 393 N. IH35, Georgetown, Texas 78628.

Money in The Bank

Perdue farms has this large pile of corn they just throw a tarp over.

 Allen Mills are using those bags to store those in.
They have a special hopper and fan blower on the back of a tractor to fill them with

The photo isn't very clear but my mother's house is next to a corn field and when the corn was picked kernels were blown over onto the yard where they have sprouted.

and finally the malt plant south of laurel is putting in silos
 they are suppose to make 25,000 tons of malted barley a year, to be sold to brewers in the mid-Atlantic area.

Make America Great Again