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A Reflection of Our Times

From "Unseen Portland"


Delmar Real Estate

This is one of those homes that will always be associated with a person - in this case Mrs. Ellis.  Her home was sold and now it is up for sale again.  It is a nice property and has had a lot of work done to it by the current owners.

Described as 2300 sq ft, 4 bedroom 1.5 baths built 1920.  The house is actually on two lots as I recall.  Also it is a corner lot in a fairly quiet neighborhood, with the exception of trains, fire alarms and the racetrack.  At $167,900 it seems a bit pricy for just having 1 and half baths in it, but it does look nice inside judging from the photos at the website given. 


Missing Dog

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Real Estate In Delmar

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Incident:  Armed Robbery    

Location:  Gordy Tiger Mart, Delmar MD

Date:  07/21/2014                  
On 07/21/14 at approx. 11:23 PM officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to an armed robbery located at Gordy Tiger Mart, Delmar MD.  Further investigation revealed that a white female, early to mid 20’s in age, 5’6” tall, 120 lbs., light complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, wearing a gray “zip up” hoodie sweatshirt, with black pants, and black shoes produce what appeared to be a silver colored revolver on the counter and demanded money.  The white female obtained an undisclosed amount of money from the clerk and fled the store on foot. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131. 


Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Thursday Evening


BBQ For Carl Anderton Jr

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Sunday Comments July 13, 2014

Looking north on the track
There is a Delmar Maryland council meeting tomorrow night.  The agenda is below;

The Mayors & Commissioners of Delmar, MD are giving notice to the residents of Delmar, MD. that there is a vacant Maryland Commissioner's position to be filled as soon as possible. Residents interested in being considered for appointment to fill the remaining term, which expires November, 2015 must meet the following qualifications: shall be a resident of the United States, be at least 21 years of age, reside in the corporate limits of the Town of Delmar, MD for at least 2 years immediately preceding the date of the general election, not have been convicted of a felony and be a qualified voter of the Town of Delmar, MD. All letters of interest should be submitted to Mayor Carl Anderton, Jr. at the Town Hall of Delmar, 100 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, Maryland 21875 no later than Monday July 21, 2014 before 4:00 p.m.

Application of Board and Commission below;



Monday is Bastille Day or as I understand the French call it; La Fête Nationale, nevertheless the 14th of July 1789 was the beginning of the French revolution when the storming of the Bastille occurred.



Some work has started at Chris Mill's building


I have been told the bricks on the La Cabana (the old memories) were originally the bricks in the Delmar Railroad station. 
My garden got off to late start due to other projects and the heat we had at the beginning of summer.  


A bit of trivia I have often wondered about is; was Interstate 76 which goes from Philadelphia PA to Akron, Ohio named 76 because of the connection between  1776 and Philadelphia?   Well over at this site is a detail discussion of it , actually more than I wanted to know.  To sum it up, that site does not feel I76 was named for the 1776 connection.  Other web sites feel it is named for the 1776 connection.  I have to think that the government would once again get itself into a mess if they allowed one city to specify the Interstate number designation, as than other cities would want this right and eventually things would become screwed up even more then it currently is.

There will be a skateboard tournament in Gordy Park on August 31.
Paul Laurence Dunbar (1875-1906) has an Elementary school named for him in Laurel, Delaware.  It’s motto; “Where learning begins   I have included a poem of his for those who may wonder what kind of works he did.  Much of his more popular work in his lifetime was written in the Negro dialect associated with the antebellum South.  I don’t know if he ever came to Delaware as he was raised in Ohio and spent some time in DC but we have a school named for him.

Dis is gospel weathah sho’ –
Hills is sawt o’ hazy
Meddahs level ez a flo’
Callin’ to de lazy
Sky all white wif streaks o’ blue
Sunshine softly gleamin’,
D’aint no wuk hit’s right to do
Nothin’s right but dreamin’.

 Dreamin’ by a rivah side
Wif de warahs glist’nin’,
Feelin’ good an’ satisfied
Ez you lay a-list’nin’
To the little naked boys
Hollerin’ fu’ to spress deir joys
Jes’ lak youngsters ought to.

Squir’l a-tippin’ on his toes,
So’t to hide an’ virw you;
Whole flocks o’ camp-meetin’ crows
Shoutin’ hallelujah.
Peckahwood erpon de tree
Tappin’ lak a hammah;
Jaybird chattin’ wif a bee
Tryin’ to teach him grammah.

Breeze is blowin’ wif perfume,
Jes’ enough to tease you;
Hollyhocks is all in bloom,
Smellin’ fu’ to please you.
Go ‘way, folks an let me ‘lone,
Times is getting’ dearah—
Summah’s settin’ on de th’one,
An I’m a-layin’ neah huh!
By Paul Laurence Dunbar

As many of you know outside of St. Louis (Universal City) is an entertainment and restaurant district called the Delmar Loop.

Mainly it is on a boulevard called Delmar Boulevard.  A section of this boulevard was named Barack Obama Boulevard but that makes no differences to what I was going to comment on.  The Delmar loop gets the loop part from a Streetcar turnaround.  The Delmar part of it is from 1933 when Morgan Street was changed to Delmar.  The name Delmar came from two large property owners who had moved to St. Louis from Maryland and From Delaware.  The road divided their land so they combined the two state names and called the road Delmar – pretty much like the railroad did to Delmar DE/MD.
The Super moon is upon this weekend and as with any supermoon high tides should occur.  The scientist says higher crime and bizarre behavior is just everyone imagination however my daughter says the people arrested and put in holding cells this weekend are more bizarre in their habits then the usual degenerates.  Mainly spitting on officers and people in general was seen much more often.  Those that had been in fights were also spitting blood so there was that concern also.  

Vacation bible school is in full force in Delmar over the next couple of weeks. 


Norfolk Southern Corporation #5302 sitting in Delmar.  General Motors Electro-Motive GP38-2 Diesels.  2000 horsepower.  Built in 1973 and Rebuilt and Repainted in 2012  .  5302 is shiny compared to the other locomotives, but it was recently painted.


Electro-Motive diesel was founded in 1922.  In 1930 General Motors purchased the company and 1941 called it the Electro-Motive Division (EMD).  In 2005 EMD was sold to Greenbriar Equity Group and Berkshire partners.  In 2010 Progress Rail Services Corporation  purchased EMD.   Progress Rail Services Corporation  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar.

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society is looking at painting and doing some repairs on the Railroad Guard station this summer. 



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Delmar Little League Girls Softball

The District 8 - Delmar Little League Girls Softball - Major League (11/12 yo) 
Back Row (standing, L-R) Crystal McVay, Coach Wayne Massey, Natalie Smith, Catherine Smith, Sam Lanham, Angelina Arter, Anna Webster, Brielle Johnson, Alyssa Weldon, Coach Lauren Massey

Front Row ((kneeling, L-R) Ashlyn Carr, Hailey Bitters, Jordan Moore, Stephanie Massey, Mya Kemp, Ashlynn Hastings

They play tonight in Preston @ 6pm against Sharpsburg for State Champion
UPDATE From delmarva Now
The Delmar Major League softball team captured the Maryland State Championship with a 11-6 win over Sharpsburg on Thursday night.
Angelina Arter earned the win in the circle, going six innings, allowing five hits and getting five strikeouts.
Brielle Johnson went 2-3 with a double, two runs and an RBI, and Ashlyn Carr contributed with a double and two RBIs.
Jordan Moore pitched in with a hit and two runs, and Arter and Stephanie Massey each added a hit.
Delmar will travel to Bristol, Connecticut, for the East Regional and will take on Delaware on Saturday, July 19, at 11 a.m.

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Sunday Comment July 6 2014

Tomorrow night there will be a Delmar Delaware Mayor and Council meeting.  See the agenda below:


This October there will be an election for a Mayor and two council members on the Delmar Delaware side of town.  Should you be interested in filing for one of those positions (and you should be) you will have to file by September 12th.  You can only file for one office at a time.  About the only requirement for filing is you have to be 18 years of age and a resident of the town for one year preceding the election.
I finally broke down and got a hair cut.  During the time to cut the hair John Trout, the new barber at Riddle and Campbell Barber shop, and I came up with solutions to solved all the problems of Delmar and many for the USA.


Since Dunkin Donuts has opened their new store in front of Sam’s Club the one that was at Gordy’s tiger mart has closed down.  Notice in the below photo the dumpster and missing sign in the sign post.  We will wait and see what comes in there next.

The La Cabana, north of Delmar, may have been sold.  It has been empty, gutted by fire in 2009.  I saw trucks pulled up in front the other day and some trash has been picked up and the for sale sign is gone. 


Stores seem impatience to get the 4th of July over with and move in the “getting ready for back to school” items.  Gets earlier every year, but so does starting school.

I have been without internet for a couple days last week and finally had to break down and go to Comcast in Salisbury for a new modem.  Always a long line with bored looking customers holding equipment in their hands waiting their turn at the counter. 


I recently read The Travels of Marco Polo.  Altho it took place in 1276 to 1291 I found a number of things to be quite true today.  One item repeated a number of times thru out the book when referring to the people of the countries he passed thru was “The Mahometan inhabitants are treacherous and unprincipled” of course referring to Muslims.  Seven hundred years later our government still has not learned this lesson. 

I have watched  on TV  the movie “Hitchcock” .  Good movie.  It is mainly about when he was  making of his movie “Psycho”.  No doubt everyone has seen Psycho, but unless you saw it when it first came out in 1960 you would not realize the impact the 45 second shower scene had on film audiences.  In addition it spawned an entire product line of clear transparent shower curtains for women who after watching the movie did not want to be caught unaware.  The transparent shower curtains did not exist in the major market place before then.  My wife has insisted on one ever since seeing the movie 50 years ago.   

The Glorious Fourth, not everyone was off work.  In Delmar the Trash/recycle pickup person came by in the rain to pick up trash.


By noon it had turned into a nice day.  The smell of cooking out floated around Delmar on the Fourth , plus the sound of racecar engines on into the night.

We did go to the fireworks in Laurel, it almost felt cool that night compared to the heat we have been having. 

On Saturday I went to a cookout at my brother’s. 



On the way back I noticed these two bikers with women on the back that had bare shoulders.  They may have felt they looked cool but when those bikes stopped at the traffic lights the womens backs shook like jello from the vibration of bikes.  Instead of cool it was funny.

No change on the Chris Mills building. 


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File Under I feel Better Knowing This

Delaware issues updated fish consumption advisories
Updated advisories for the C&D Canal, Red Lion Creek,
St. Jones Watershed reflect long-term environmental improvements

DOVER (July 3, 2014) – The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and the Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Public Health today updated fish consumption advisories for fish caught in three Delaware waterways: the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal (C&D Canal); the Red Lion Creek; and the St. Jones watershed. The updated advisories are a result of new data on chemical contaminants in fish caught in the three waterways. Overall, the changes in the advisories reflect long-term environmental improvements.

The fish consumption advisory for the C&D Canal has been updated to a less-restrictive advisory due to falling levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins and furans, and chlorinated pesticides. The previous advice, in place since 1999, has been changed from “Eat no finfish caught in the C&D Canal” to “Eat no more than one eight ounce meal of finfish per year.” This brings the advice for the C&D Canal in line with that for the Delaware River between the Delaware State Line near Marcus Hook, Pa. downstream to the eastern end of the C&D Canal near Delaware City.

The fish consumption advisory for the Red Lion Creek between Route 1 and the tide gate which separates Red Lion Creek from the Delaware River has also been updated to less restrictive advice. The previous advice, in place since 2006, has been changed from “Eat no more than one eight ounce meal of finfish per year” to “Eat no more than two eight ounce meals of finfish per year.” The change in advice is based on falling concentrations of the contaminants PCBs, dioxins and furans, and chlorinated benzenes in the fish.

In addition to the updated advisory between Route 1 and the tide gate, first-time fish sampling of the Red Lion Creek near Route 7 (upstream of Route 1) revealed modest levels of PCBs and the pesticide Dieldrin. This discovery has prompted the State to issue a new advisory for fish caught from waters of the Red Lion Creek upstream of Route 1. The new advisory for that area is to “Eat no more than 12 eight-ounce meals of finfish per year” (which is the same as one eight-ounce meal per month).

Finally, several updated fish consumption advisories are being issued today for the St. Jones watershed in Kent County. The advice for Dover’s Silver Lake, plus the entire St. Jones River from the Silver Lake dam out to where the St. Jones River flows into the Delaware Bay is being revised to less restrictive. The previous advice to “Eat no more than two eight-ounce meals of finfish per year” from these waters has been changed to “Eat no more than four eight-ounce meals of finfish per year” from these waters. Recent testing of fish indicates that concentrations of PCBs, dioxins and furans, chlorinated pesticides and mercury have all fallen over time in these waters.

Furthermore, fish consumption advisories for Moores Lake and Wyoming Pond, both of which are located within the St. Jones watershed, are also being revised to less restrictive. The advisory for Moores Lake has been changed from “Eat no more than two eight-ounce meals per year” to “Eat no more than 12 eight-ounce meals per year” (which is the same as one eight-ounce meal per month). Concentrations of all major contaminants in fish found in Moores Lake have dropped. For Wyoming Pond, the advisory has been changed from “Eat no more than two eight-ounce meals per year” to “Eat no more than 24 eight-ounce meals per year” (which is the same as two eight-ounce meals per month). The concentration of the banned pesticide DDT in Wyoming Pond fish, previously the highest- measured in Delaware, has dropped significantly, as have other contaminants.

Although the vast majority of fish tissue testing in the St. Jones Watershed shows significant improvements, new samples from Fork Branch show moderate levels of mercury in the fish there. Fork Branch flows into Silver Lake from the north Dover area after passing by Delaware State University. The new advisory for Fork Branch is to “Eat no more than 24 meals of fish per year” (which is the same as two eight-ounce meals per month). This advice applies between College Road (Road 99) and McKee Road (Road 155) in Dover.

“The improvements we’re seeing in these updated advisories are a result of our investment over time in technologies and practices along with stringent regulatory standards designed to clean up our waterways,” said DNREC Secretary David Small. “With the diligent work of our many public and private partners at the local, state and regional level, we are trending in the right direction but progress is slow in coming. Attaining our goals of waters that are safe for swimming, drinking and aquatic life means we must be much more aggressive in our approach, which will require the type of additional investment and strategies that Governor Markell has proposed.”

Fishing is a popular recreational activity in Delaware and many people eat their catch. Although eating fish in moderation as part of a healthy diet may provide health benefits, fish can accumulate contaminants from the water, sediment and from the food they eat. Contaminants may build up over time in fish tissues even with extremely small amounts of chemicals in the water. The amount of contaminants in fish depends on the species, size, age, sex and feeding area of the fish. Chemicals, such as PCBs, mercury and dioxin in fish are a health risk for people who regularly consume their catch.

In addition to the advisories mentioned above, DNREC and DHSS remind the public of the general statewide fish consumption advisory first issued in 2007:

The statewide advisory is issued to caution and protect against eating large amounts of fish and fish that have not been tested, or that may contain unidentified chemical contaminants. Delaware issues more stringent advice for specific waters when justified by the data. One meal is defined as an eight-ounce serving for adults and as a three-ounce serving for children.

People who choose to eat species under advisories can take steps to reduce exposure. Contaminants tend to concentrate in the fatty tissue, so proper cleaning and cooking techniques can significantly reduce levels of PCBs, dioxins, chlorinated pesticides and other organic chemicals. Larger fish of a given species will likely have higher concentrations. To reduce your risks of ingesting these chemical contaminants, you should:

However, you should know that these techniques will not reduce or remove unsafe levels of mercury from fish.

A chart which shows all fish consumption advisories for Delaware waters, including the new and revised advisories issued today, can be found on DNREC’s web site, Note that the new and revised advisories issued today are not reflected in the 2014 Delaware Fishing Guide that was made available at local tackle shops and fishing license dealers in early 2014. In addition to the web page, the DHSS’ Division of Public Health also posts fish advisory signs along waterways with consumption advisories.

For more information, contact Rick Greene, DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship, 302-739-9939.

Visit the following U.S. government websites for information on federal fish consumption advisories, on mercury in fish and shellfish, and on how to safely select and serve fresh and frozen fish.

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Some Monday Comments

It is hot.  It has been quiet in Delmar with the exception of the race track creating noise most of the night on the weekend.  Not much going on.  I have been doing some major yard work the last three or four weeks.

Delmar public Works has gone around and sprayed the sidewalks for weeds and did it on Saturday.
One of those driveby and hang out the window with a spray hose. 

The Dew Tour wrapped it up in Ocean City and the crowd that goes there has certainly kept the Ocean City police busy.  Much more drunkenness and people needing medical attention from cuts and scrapes than usual.  

Delmar Maryland Mayor Carl Anderton has recently stepped down from being President of the Maryland Municipal League.  Chesapeake Beach Mayor Bruce A. Wahl is the new president for a year.

Wasp stings – I have been stung more this year by wasps than any other year.  It is not just wasp going to my flowers but they seem to nest in the shrubbery so when you are trimming the bushes back you are attacked.
On my way to visit my mother Sunday I stopped by KFC to pick her up a "Go cup" for lunch.   While there Terri, the Cashier/order taker was her usual efficient self.  She really does a great job with customers particularly the confused older ones and she always makes sure they get their “senior “discount.  The “help” at KFC restaurants vary greatly, it is mostly bad but I am sure it depends on who has the franchise in an area.  It certainly makes people such as Terri stand out when you encounter them. 
Most people take KFC for granted today but when it first was making a move for nationwide coverage it also made a major contribution to the poultry industry.  It had a great demand for processed chicken and they had the poultry plants do a special KFC cut for them that produced 9 pieces of cut chicken instead of the usual eight pieces. The demand and sales of KFC in turn made the other fast food companies start handling chicken and today chicken tenders and buffalo wings are a major part of the poultry industry sales.
 One of the habits my mother continues to have is letter writing.  Back when I was growing up people sent letters to one another constantly even if that person was in the same town and they had just seen one another that day.  Mail was delivered to your home twice a day for a three cent stamp.  The idea of actually writing on paper and sticking it in an envelope is is beyond people today but it followed the same concept as emailing some one multiple emails the same day.   My mother writes her sister who lives in Delmar, about every other day besides talking to one another on the phone.   
I went to another funeral last week, a nice woman passed away.  As you get into your 60's and 70's and beyond funerals become a way of life.  When you enter the high 80's and 90's they taper off because everyone you knew is already dead.
Chris Mills has done very little on his building.  It looks like the third floor was cleaned off and I see he or someone is in the building doing something today.


This 4th of July is on a Friday so traffic should be heavy.  The itinerant firework dealers are back in town on the Maryland side, sitting up their retail tents. 

They really don’t sell any good firework and of course Delaware doesn’t allow any personal fireworks but Delaware is a wimp state anyway that is why the Bidens can run it and Delawareans put up with Markell.      
There has always been a constant public face against fireworks but than everyone goes ahead and shoots them off.  Back in the 1920's etc there was an outcry against not only fireworks but also paper cap guns.  supposedly the gunpowder used in the caps would give you lockjaw if they got into a wound on youir body.  Salisbury Mayor Bounds stated this in the July 2, 1910 issue of The Courier Newspaper Salisbury MD

and for those Delmar Delaware residences Recycle pickup will still occur on Friday July 4th.

Flowers are in bloom in spite of the heat, Yarrow, Day lillies, Bees balm etc.



and my photo of trains this week  is #9616 heading north to Laurel pulling a couple of hopper cars.

And the cheap house of the week is;
100 East Pine Street
a foreclosure $28,000
The property at 100 E Pine St, Delmar, MD is a Residential Single Family property with 4 bedroom(s) and 2.0 bathroom(s), built in 1924 and is 1778 square feet.<br/><br/>Live bidding is ACTIVE for this property, sold in "as is" condition without contingencies or warranties. Make your bid now!

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Sunday Comments

Above is a picture of train #9931 heading north pushing five hopper cars.

The Maryland Municipal League ended their convention/party in Ocean City


and now the elected officials and employees of Delmar can recover and get back to business.  Business being a Delmar Maryland mayor and commissioner meeting Monday night.


For those who have to pay Internal revenue estimated taxes that second quarter tax payment is due June 16th, Monday.

For those dreamers who hope Chris Mills will turn the building he purchased at the corner of State street and Pennsylvania Avenue (the one in which the rear of it is collapsed) into a historical centerpiece let me pass on the hearsay of his presentation to Planning and Zoning. The rear wall will not be made of brick, it will not be built of cinder blocks, his proposal is it will be a wood frame covered in vinyl siding. 

My mother turned 90 yesterday.  We all gathered to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Day In the Park last weekend was once a gain a success.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  A couple politicians set up tables as it is another election year.  The photo below is of Bob Wheatley, candidate for Sussex County Council pressing the flesh campaigning.  Bryan Richardson and Vance Phillips were also there.

Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips and Sam Wilson were recently in the news when they voted against giving the NAACP a contribution from their councilman's special fund a $100 for a youth group to go to a Las Vegas convention.  They said since the NAACP had "colored" in their title they would not give to an organization that discriminate based on race.
Naturally the reply from the NAACP as quoted in the Wilmington Journal;
Those two councilmen seem to be racists and bigots," said Richard Smith, president of the Delaware chapter of the NAACP
Good For Wilson and Phillips.   If this had been an organization for the advancement of white people the Federal government and the Sussex County council would have been all over that organization.  I for one am sick of the double standard that has developed over the past 40 years.  And what is more of a sterotype than colored people going to Las Vegas?

The hogs are feeding in Wicomico County again and no one seems concerned about it.  For the fifth year running Wicomico County is increasing taxes – this time by 5%.  Well it makes for good house sales in Delaware as more people will move to Delaware but those who have businesses in Wicomico County are stuck.  Well that what happens when you let them get away with it and don’t take an active part in giving direction to your local government.

A new business is coming to Delmar Delaware downtown.  Called the Peddlers Four, it occupies a store front that has had more thrift stores, second hand stores, and Five and Dime than any other store front down town. 



I recently read “The Floating Girl” by Sujata Massey


Massey, to some degree, can be considered a Maryland writer as she lives outside of DC in Maryland.  She has a series of books (The Floating Girl is one of them) in which the central character is Rei Shumura, a female antique dealer in Japan who ends up investigating murder and crime.  Because it takes place in modern Japan you pick up a lot of current Japanese lore and culture.

A little Delmar History from 1982 - a news item from the Miami News going back to the Jimmy Smith and Bill McCain era.

And speaking of history, I recently read where Delmar Maryland Councilman Michael Gibb is moving to Florida and is resigning as Councilman.  Gibb was one of the better elected officials, he always made the meetings and was a conservative person who always tried to make informed decisions.  Altho he lived in Woods Creek development he never tried to make Wood Creek his main focus and I think he fairly represented all of Delmar Maryland.  It is a shame he is leaving. 

I was talking to someone from Perdue farms about their relationship with Wal-mart and he commented that they were the first chain store they sold to in which  Wal-mart employees unloaded the Perdue truck at the Wal-mart location  then Walmart would send them a bill for their employee’s time used to unload the truck.
I was lulled to sleep last night at 11:30pm listening to the sound of engines roaring out at the Delaware International Speedway.  No doubt a contributing factors as to why houses are cheap in Delmar.

I can’t say the number of Sheriff Sales in Sussex County that appear in the Laurel Star is decreasing by much.  One property that is up for tax sale auction on June 17th is 205 North 2nd Street ( corner of Second and Delaware) in Delmar Delaware. 



Friday, June 13, 2014


Delmar Delaware Photo on WTF

Interesting Redneck type photo over on  Reddit ( Reddit, I give you Delmar, Delaware. You can't make this shit up)  that claims it is of Delmar Delaware, check it out

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Sleeping Cat

My cat found the recycle items box on the back porch and decided it was a great place to sleep or maybe that wine bottle in the box wasn't completely empty.

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